Magna Carta: Our Shared Legacy of Liberty

This film, a documentary by noted Canadian journalist and champion of Canadian freedom, John Robson, explores the historical roots of our basic freedoms and the continued efforts of citizens necessary to preserve them.  It is no accident that Canada developed as a nation of free people. It happened because those who came before us devoted … [Read more…]

Can You Believe Everything You Read?

The report found at the link below shows why Canadians must be alert for media spin, which is often subtle enough to go unnoticed. The report contains two inaccuracies designed to predispose readers’ opinions. One describes Trinity Western’s Community Covenant as “so-called,” suggesting without foundation that something about Trinity Western’s congregational agreement makes it not … [Read more…]

Ontario Doctors Speak Out About Human Rights Violations at Hands of Wynne’s Liberals

Toronto, ON (April 9, 2017)— Ontario’s doctors have now started their fourth year without a contract. The billions in reckless, unilateral cuts to the patient services Ontario’s doctors provide have led to decreased access to patient care in the province. The ongoing abuse and vilification of physicians by Wynne’s government has created a toxic environment. … [Read more…]

Seven Things that Brought Canadians Into the Streets In the Dead of Winter

Here are seven things that brought Canadians into the streets in the dead of winter between January 1st, 2017 and mid-March, 2017d 1. U.S. Presidential Politics.”Like-minded anti-Trumpeters standing against the Donald” protested at the U.S. consulate on January 20th. 2. U.S. Women’s Marches. Reports say thousands of Canadians gathered in cities and towns across Canada … [Read more…]

*Have You Heard of Marcel Callo?*

I saw an interesting note today on Marcel Callo, from France during wartime occupation by the Nazis. At age 22 he was ordered into a forced labour camp. A year later, the report says, he was arrested by the Nazis for being “too Catholic” and was eventually sent to the Mathausen concentration camp in Austria. … [Read more…]


A new friend of mine, Brian Rogers, publishes an interesting blog at He touches occasionally upon freedom issues, although with a much more muscular and academic erudition than I bring to the task. On February 4/17 Brian published some thoughts with the intriguing headline “The Bait and Switch.” What was the subject? Freedom! More … [Read more…]

*Do You Really Value Freedom??*

I read an interesting report today. Apparently, “the dean of the University of Ottawa’s faculty of medicine has warned… faculty members against using their roles as educators to make “personal or demeaning attacks on celebrities or politicians.” Dr. Jacques Bradwejn also warned faculty against expressing “politically charged sentiment” in social media accounts that identify them … [Read more…]

The Pitfalls of Values Screening

If you think you will keep people whose values you don’t like out of Canada with a policy of “values screening,” be prepared to be surprised!!! I met a man who thought values screening was a great idea because he believed it would be used to keep people with religious values he opposed out of … [Read more…]