The Pitfalls of Values Screening

If you think you will keep people whose values you don’t like out of Canada with a policy of “values screening,” be prepared to be surprised!!!

I met a man who thought values screening was a great idea because he believed it would be used to keep people with religious values he opposed out of Canada. When I explained to him that “values screening” would be used, sooner or later, to keep people out of Canada who shared his opposition to those values………well, he quickly realized he didn’t like that idea.

Canada’s former Ambassador for religious freedom is sounding an alarm (diplomatically)!

He is pointing out the pitfalls arising with a policy of “values screening.” I’ll attach a link below to the report of his comments.

Perhaps he’s concerned about the authoritarian threat to your own beliefs which a policy of “values screening” poses. For further details about why such a policy is a dangerous threat to your freedom and to democracy, please read the note I penned for my local paper at this link:

For former Ambassador Bennett’s comments, see this report:

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