Why Do You Suppose So Many So-Called “Progressive” Policies Get into Law?

Here’s the best answer I can give to the question of what you have to do to make change:

Regrettably, too many politicians – possibly the majority – are interested only in what they refer to as “ballot box issues,” a euphemism for issues that will get them elected or un-elected.

The chief feature of such an issue is that enough people care sufficiently about the issue to choose their candidate because of the issue.

Consequently, that’s what you must demonstrate to politicians.

How do we show that we care a lot about something? By the effort we put into it!

An email is easy to send; it doesn’t demonstrate great concern. A posted letter is better, but not as good as a phone call, which itself doesn’t show you care as much as an office visit and conversation directly with the politician would.

Individual effort, of course, while meritorious, doesn’t demonstrate that enough people care. However, collective action to show people care must also be demonstrated by the degree of effort they invest.

I once witnessed an MP ignore 3000 pro forma postcards she received on an issue from her constituents. Imagine how difficult it would have been for her to ignore 3000 of her constituents showing up at her office doorstep to demonstrate their concern!

For a variety of reasons, many truly progressive people (by which I do *not* mean those in our society who falsely label themselves as “progressive,” but rather those who recognize the worth & dignity of every member of the human family and who respect freedom & democratic processes) are reluctant to make the personal investment of time, resources and money to visibly, vocally and repeatedly demonstrate that they care even about the fundamental concerns of human dignity, freedom and democracy.

Is it any wonder that false progressives, who demonstrate their concern vocally, visibly and repeatedly, convince politicians that their issues are “ballot box” issues?

That’s what you must do!