The headline in the article found at the link below is an excellent example of false and deceptive journalism, in stating that MP Harder has done something inappropriate. What has MP Harder done that is inappropriate? Examining the actual reported facts, we see that MP Harder’s only action has been to offer to chair the … [Read more…]


At a time when the freedom of conscience guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been eliminated for some Canadians for the first time in many years, the casual misuse of the term “conscientious objector” in the headline of the essay at the link below is dangerous. A conscientious objector is one who … [Read more…]

The Fallacies of Identity Politics!

Here are two important insights that emerged from a Facebook conversation I had today: First, when people choose policy on the basis of group identity rather than analysis of the merits/demerits, we move further and further away from serving the public interest and more and more toward serving factional interests. Second, and worse yet, human … [Read more…]


Today I read a quote from the Agha Khan IV advocating a pluralistic ethic that sees “difference as strength in a world that is becoming increasingly diverse and, as a result, increasingly complex.” He enumerated the strengths that might serve to overcome such challenges: “…a vital sense of balance, an abundant capacity for compromise, more … [Read more…]

Can You Believe Everything You Read?

The report found at the link below shows why Canadians must be alert for media spin, which is often subtle enough to go unnoticed. The report contains two inaccuracies designed to predispose readers’ opinions. One describes Trinity Western’s Community Covenant as “so-called,” suggesting without foundation that something about Trinity Western’s congregational agreement makes it not … [Read more…]

Seven Things that Brought Canadians Into the Streets In the Dead of Winter

Here are seven things that brought Canadians into the streets in the dead of winter between January 1st, 2017 and mid-March, 2017d 1. U.S. Presidential Politics.”Like-minded anti-Trumpeters standing against the Donald” protested at the U.S. consulate on January 20th. 2. U.S. Women’s Marches. Reports say thousands of Canadians gathered in cities and towns across Canada … [Read more…]

The Power of Truth!

This week I was very encouraged by two attempts to rebut an article I authored on the importance to democracy of avoiding the dishonourable abandonment of election promises. It’s helpful to be aware of the tactics used by those who oppose our views. These attempted rebuttals illustrate the power of speaking the truth! First, these … [Read more…]