Mission Statement


An undeclared war is being waged against freedom and democracy in Canada! Public authorities are abusing their power to undermine the very legitimacy of freedom of conscience, freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of belief, rule of law, and other basic democratic freedoms that our ancestors fought and died to preserve.

Medical regulators propose to punish doctors who follow their own conscience by refusing to cooperate in taking innocent lives. Law Societies are hindering the livelihood of law graduates simply because of their religious affiliation. The Ontario Law Society now requires “values screening.” Administrators at publicly funded universities deny students the freedom to express dissenting views on campus. Parliament undermines the rule of law by sending into courtrooms across our land a law which falsely condemns as non-human individuals we know absolutely to be human!

Most Canadians seem unaware that Canada is no longer free for everyone! Public reports are rare and sometimes even sympathetic to those who are eliminating basic freedoms. Elected representatives mainly fail to speak up or to defend basic freedoms from attack.

Groups are springing up across Canada to defend our freedoms in courts and in academic discussion, a very welcome development. Some whose freedoms have been taken away are defending themselves with political action.

Nonetheless, no one is offering unified, coordinated political action in defence of basic freedoms for all Canadians! A broad range of untried political action strategies is available to resist the assault on our freedoms wherever it emerges!


We look for a Canada where the sacrifices made by past generations to preserve our freedoms will be honoured by all. We want a Canada where everyone is once again free to choose their own peaceful beliefs, free to associate with like-minded others, and free to advocate for their ideals in public spaces. We propose a Canada that becomes once again a land subject to rule of law, based on truth and justice – a Canada once again strong and free!


We will enlist individuals and groups to unite in effective political action. We will call to action all Canadians, of every partisan stripe, every age and condition, every religious persuasion, and every walk of life.

Democracy Defence Initiative will unite the efforts of all those resisting the elimination of basic freedoms in Canada, using coordinated non-partisan political strategies. We will raise public awareness of the importance of preserving basic freedoms. We will make it impossible for candidates and elected representatives to refuse to defend Canadians against public authorities who undermine freedom and democracy.

We will accomplish this by shining the bright light of truth, justice, and compassion on the personal threat to every Canadian which comes from denying the basic freedoms of any Canadian. We will use the best political engagement strategies to ignite action at all levels in defence of freedom and democracy!