On Values Screening

In conversation with an advocate for values screening recently, I posed the question “Why do you suppose it’s unconstitutional to punish anyone for thinking non-conforming thoughts (as distinct from the legitimate legal strategy of punishing harmful conduct)?” The answer includes at least several elements. The reason is that it is loathsome and unhealthy for people … [Read more…]


The headline in the article found at the link below is an excellent example of false and deceptive journalism, in stating that MP Harder has done something inappropriate. What has MP Harder done that is inappropriate? Examining the actual reported facts, we see that MP Harder’s only action has been to offer to chair the … [Read more…]


Below is a link to a report of yet another tyranny being imposed upon innocent Canadians. What is most disturbing is that thoughtful, intelligent Canadians, including our elected representatives (who are entrusted with safeguarding our basic freedoms), are not shocked by Canada’s rapidly accelerating descent into authoritarian governance. They think that Canadians simply do not … [Read more…]


At a time when the freedom of conscience guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been eliminated for some Canadians for the first time in many years, the casual misuse of the term “conscientious objector” in the headline of the essay at the link below is dangerous. A conscientious objector is one who … [Read more…]


Today I read a quote from the Agha Khan IV advocating a pluralistic ethic that sees “difference as strength in a world that is becoming increasingly diverse and, as a result, increasingly complex.” He enumerated the strengths that might serve to overcome such challenges: “…a vital sense of balance, an abundant capacity for compromise, more … [Read more…]

It’s Everyone’s Freedom!

Non-Muslims reading the article from the link below (“Quebec Town Sets a Double Standard”) should pay particular attention to the suggestion in the article that sentiments “might have merit” which oppose freedom for any and “all religions that exclude others based on faith” This comment is an unusually frank admission of the authoritarian thinking which … [Read more…]

It’s Your Fight Too!

Remarkably, in just two years we’ve gone from punishing those who help people taking their lives to punishing those who refuse to help people take their lives. This ignores the huge difference between governments which prevent people from doing what we consider to be wrong and governments which force citizens to do what those citizens … [Read more…]

Remarks by Stephen Woodworth, May 15, 2017, International Conscientious Objectors Day

OPENING Good evening, everyone! Thank you all for joining in this Democracy Defence Initiative this evening. And a special thanks to whoever arranged this wonderful weather! Also, our thanks to our musicians, Rob and Joe Koechl on guitar and vocals, joined by Ken Oakes, all the way from Nanaimo, B.C., on saxophone! We are here … [Read more…]