The headline in the article found at the link below is an excellent example of false and deceptive journalism, in stating that MP Harder has done something inappropriate. What has MP Harder done that is inappropriate? Examining the actual reported facts, we see that MP Harder’s only action has been to offer to chair the Committee, an offer of service that is not only quite ordinary and acceptable but may even be considered meritorious.

In examining the actual reported facts, we see that the conduct which in fact derailed the Committee was the action of Liberal and NDP MPs in leaving the meeting before it was adjourned. This conduct is classically authoritarian in that the Liberal and NDP MPs rejected the progressive, democratic option of simply debating fairly and voting on the choice of Chair in favour instead of the option of nakedly trying to silence one who opposes their policy.

What are the implications for Canada, which is after all presently governed by the iron fist of those who, like the Liberal and NDP MPs and like the author of this false headline, care nothing for the truth and who routinely trample upon the progressive ideals of democratic process and respect for diversity of values and ideas?

We might comfort ourselves with the fact that The Star’s reporting included at least some of the real facts, even if its headline was false. However, this is likely to be short-lived comfort. If the editor who wrote the headline felt so assured of escaping professional or other censure for such blatant falsehood, how long will it be before the same attitude also perverts the reporting of details? Canadians today have the unhappy privilege of witnessing the actual, piece by piece, dismantling of progressive institutions of mutual respect, truthfulness, democratic process, and basic freedoms, and their increasingly swift replacement by regressive, authoritarian, even fascist, practices like those practised by the mentioned Liberal and NDP MPs and the headline writer.

No doubt these tactics are intended to inspire fear, and many people are in fact cowed by those who wield such authoritarian power under the false guise of “progressive” tropes. It requires personal fortitude on the part of those who represent us to stand up to such bullying. So far, at least, some of that fortitude has been found in the Conservative caucus in Ottawa. Rather than leaving those brave individuals to take the brunt of consequence without support, the Canadian people must also rise up and demonstrate their resistance to authoritarian governance, visibly, vocally and repeatedly. Even social media posts like this one are not sufficient. Canadians need to devote some personal time, effort and resources to defending the truly progressive ideals of democracy and freedom.

Further, Canadians need to find elected representatives who possess that self-same fortitude to represent them. While it isn’t always easy to discern the character of candidates, especially in the face of authoritarian falsehoods such as seen in this example, now more than ever personal character needs to be encouraged in our elected representatives.