A War Against Freedom

I recently penned a letter warning about measures to diminish the role of parents in their children’s education, and crossing the line between indoctrination and education, as grave threats to democracy. A perceptive reader observed that past aboriginal residential schools also eliminated parents from their children’s education and indoctrinated against parents’ traditional values. Freedom to … [Read more…]


WHY DO WE NEED DEMOCRACY DEFENCE INITIATIVE? An undeclared war is being waged against freedom and democracy in Canada! Public authorities are abusing their power to undermine the very legitimacy of freedom of conscience, freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, rule of law, and other basic democratic freedoms that our ancestors fought … [Read more…]

The Trap of False Equivalency

I was recently reminded of a note I once read in an Alberta newspaper in which the writer suggested that exempting a doctor, on the basis of conscience, from a requirement to participate in arranging to take someone’s life could justify requests from firefighters to be allowed to let houses burn because their conscience condemns … [Read more…]