A new friend of mine, Brian Rogers, publishes an interesting blog at http://faithpoetrythought.blogspot.ca. He touches occasionally upon freedom issues, although with a much more muscular and academic erudition than I bring to the task. On February 4/17 Brian published some thoughts with the intriguing headline “The Bait and Switch.” What was the subject? Freedom! More … [Read more…]

*Do You Really Value Freedom??*

I read an interesting report today. Apparently, “the dean of the University of Ottawa’s faculty of medicine has warned… faculty members against using their roles as educators to make “personal or demeaning attacks on celebrities or politicians.” Dr. Jacques Bradwejn also warned faculty against expressing “politically charged sentiment” in social media accounts that identify them … [Read more…]

*Prohibiting Prayer – Another Canadian Attack on Freedom and Democracy*

A news report last month described municipal officials in Quebec revoking the operating permit of a community centre because the centre refused to prohibit prayer by people gathering at the centre. Apparently this action was precipitated when inspectors found 20 people praying together in the building. And opponents of freedom slyly ask where do we … [Read more…]

Freedom, and Hatred of Religion

When I read of the killing of innocents at the Quebec Grand Mosque, I thought of a conversation I recently had with a friend. My friend’s proposition was that religion had been responsible for more death and suffering in human history than any other cause. I replied that the desire for power, coupled with greed, … [Read more…]

MLK Day 2017

As I write today, our American cousins are commemorating MLK Day, in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his courageous battle for equality of civil rights south of our border. From marches, through non-violent sit-ins and protests, powered by inspirational eloquence and undaunted perseverance, Dr. King and his followers moved concern for basic … [Read more…]

Protest to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario!

Here’s a copy of the letter of protest Democracy Defence Initiative delivered on November 30, 2016 to: The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario November 30, 2016 80 College Street, Toronto ON M5G 2E2 Dear Sirs/Mesdames In 1948 the wise leaders of the free world declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that … [Read more…]