The Power of Truth!

This week I was very encouraged by two attempts to rebut an article I authored on the importance to democracy of avoiding the dishonourable abandonment of election promises. It’s helpful to be aware of the tactics used by those who oppose our views. These attempted rebuttals illustrate the power of speaking the truth!

First, these partisans made no attempt to deny that the facts that I asserted in my original opinion piece.

Second, these letter writers attempted to distract from the misdeeds about which I wrote by fighting yesterday’s war, criticizing the previous government which no longer exists.

One writer implies that today’s misconduct by his favourite player is acceptable since it’s not his opponent’s bad conduct. Another inaccurately blames on the previous government the present Government’s abandonment of its false promises: “the devil made me do it “ defence.

Third, one writer resorts to unwarranted personal insult. After I offered a critique of abandoned promises on no less than 10 different issues (on Syrian refugees, omnibus bills, deficit financing, the moving expense scandal, the fundraising scandal, implementation of the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the combat mission in Iraq, flexible emission reduction standards, F 35 purchases, and collaborative federal provincial health care discussions) this partisan unbelievably implied that I am a “single issue” candidate.

This is, of course, merely a resort to “dog whistle” politics, entirely devoid of any honesty or substance. It is little wonder that so-called “progressives “are so quick to recognize “dog whistle” politics, since they have so nearly perfected the art. By claiming those who disagree with their rejection of universal human equality are “single issue,” so-called “progressives” demean, as incapable of commenting on other issues, those who reject their ideology. Ironically, in doing so, such people betray their own single-minded fixation on denying universal human equality.

Here’s the bottom line: when your opponents dodge issues rather than meeting the facts head-on, they are confirming that they cannot refute what you have said. When your opponents resort to baseless personal insult, it’s because they have no real defence against the truth that you have delivered. You should find joy in that.

In effect, your opponents are acknowledging the truth that you have exposed to the light. In effect, the truth has silenced them.

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