Demonstrate for Freedom on November 30/16 at Queen’s Park

On November 30/16 we intend to hold a modest lunch-time demonstration at the Ontario Legislative Assembly in Toronto, followed by a short walk to deliver a letter of protest to the office of the College of Physicians and Surgeons for Ontario. Placards will be carried and leaflets will be handed out. Media will be invited. The focus will be to stand up for freedom of conscience against regulations which compel unwilling participation in systems designed to take innocent lives. We urgently need to shine a bright light on such tyranny!

We have chosen Wednesday, November 30th from 1130 p.m. to 100 p.m. for this important demonstration of support for freedom in Canada. This is a gift of only a little more than an hour!

Our hope is to use this opportunity to galvanize resistance to efforts to crack down on freedom of conscience. We know that a single demonstration alone won’t change the world, but we have to start somewhere! You can be sure that those seeking to eliminate basic freedoms in Canada devote themselves, their time and their treasure endlessly to their goal. Are those of us who prefer freedom unwilling to make an equivalent effort?

It is very helpful for us to know as early as possible whether it will be three people, thirty people, or three hundred people who are willing to stand up for freedom of conscience on November 30th. Please consider this request carefully and let us know the names and contact information of all those you can enlist to join this important undertaking. Perhaps your network would enable you to gather a few for us. Perhaps you might know of some young people who are attending school in Toronto and would not be shy about taking a public stand.

The time for action is now!



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