About The Democracy Defence Initiative

The Democracy Defence Initiative is a national non-partisan, non-profit unincorporated association dedicated to empowering Canadians to resist the undeclared war on democratic freedoms being waged in Canada by authoritarian agencies which abuse their power to oppress those who dissent from their beliefs. Founded in Langley, B.C. in May, 2016, we now have over 500 supporters from across Canada. For more information, you can peruse this website.
As a young organization tackling difficult challenges, we are slowly gathering steam and learning valuable lessons. Our first rally in defence of freedom, at the Vancouver Law Courts in early June attracted about 15 freedom fighters. Our November 30, 2016 Freedom! rally at Queen’s Park, Toronto turned out between 35 and 40 freedom fighters.
We have two principle challenges:
First, we need to draw broad public attention to the fact that Canada is no longer a free nation for all, but that the freedoms of association, of conscience, of speech, of religion, and others, are being deliberately eliminated through rules enacted by governing agencies to target their opponents. Because Canada has been a comparatively free nation for so long, and so much progress was made toward realizing democratic freedoms in the last half of the twentieth century, most Canadians can hardly believe that Canada is now reverting to the practice of oppressing dissenters!
Second, not all who become aware that the freedoms of some are being eliminated can be moved to be concerned about the fact.
while it’s easy to be alarmed if we ourselves are being oppressed, it is human nature to be slow to use our resources to prevent injustice being visited upon others.
There is no template to guide anyone in overcoming these challenges. We will have to study and experiment to find the most effective path forward. I invite you to contact us, through our website, with your suggestions. I truly believe in the value of collective wisdom, which is, after all, with all necessary qualifications, the fundamental assumption of democracy!
One thing is certain: it would be an appalling and horrible loss for us all if Canadians cannot be moved to preserve, against those who would destroy it, the consensus in favour of basic democratic freedoms which has until our present day brought us a high level of peace and justice!!

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